Saturday, March 14, 2009

goodness gracious, you're so vivacious!

I love films/movies so much...but every now and then I realize that I just pretty much love music to death. Good Lord, I do.

I esspecially love finding new, unique music.

So I just want to take the opportunity to let the few people that read this check out these awesome artists I've fallen in love with as of the last couple months. It doesn't hurt though, that some of my friends are in these bands, haha.

Some are FAMOUS, some not so much: -- 'in and out', 'over and over' & 'redefine' -- 'supersonic' & 'wake the dead'. -- 'white horse(cover)' & 'time bomb baby' -- 'white horse', 'should've said no' & 'fifteen' -- 'fabricated air' & 'cue the fight song'

Please go and check out those awesome artists of our generation, they're so worth the ten minutes it takes to listen to two songs, I promise.

More photos from the LGIF coming this weekend (hopefully) & I have a couple good blog topics coming up. :]

Much Love,
- L