Wednesday, October 14, 2009

slept in remembrance

She looked out the window.
Eyes filled with tears so pure.
She saw nothing of this moment.
Things that are meant to be.
Her soul dreamed of red.
Not this crowded green.
She dreams of previous life.
When times were full of heart.
And grace, laughter and love.
These slept-thoughts will comfort her.
Until they become too gray to see.
Then she raises her shaken hands.
To open the window of green.
Grasping onto fragile air.
She is screaming, crying out.
Asking for the time of last year.
For that time was forever.
That time was hers.
It was hers and all of theirs.
Memories of which are the most dear.
Thinking of the conversations.
The moments and laughter.
Crying out for November.
She cried for November.

- L

2 comments: said...

this is incredible.

Kaylyn said...

I'll cry for November with you.