Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the eleven // K.E.V.

Kaylyn Vollmer

It's hard to express just how much I love Kaylyn, because she's that amazing of a friend. Not only to me, but for others as well; just the excitement that propels from her about seeing people she hasn't in a long time or even people she saw the day before is so awesome.

Honestly, it's very hard to believe that I can even know a person who's as caring and considerate as she is, to be genuinely compassionate and caring towards someone that she's only known for four-ish months. It's hard to describe how odd it is to feel like you've known someone your whole life when it's been much, much shorter than that. Honestly, I cannot find enough words of adoration for this girl. Kaylyn (and her brothers) are a big part of the reason I feel so at home in Naples.

Throughout recent years I have been around girls who were so beautiful. But that visual beauty was about all they had, it didn't go any deeper than the skin. Kaylyn is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside, GORGEOUS. If you ever meet her you will see just how pretty she is on the oustide, the constant smile & blue-blue eyes she has must break a heart every second. Her personality is so radiant, full of joy and happiness; un-ending, it seems like. I am incredibly thankful to have a personality like this in my life & memory.

I can talk to Kaylyn about anything and anyone; most of the time without any hesitation in what I'm saying and the way that I am wording whatever I am trying to say. Which I have always had somewhat of an awkwardness of doing with every other friend I've had. It's such a blessing to know there's no judgement with Kaylyn in what you're saying, how you're saying something, who you're talking about, what your opinion is, ETC; a HUGE blessing.

Whenever I'm headed to Chi Rho or church in general, Kaylyn & the Vollmer boys are the one's I'm most exited to see. I love Valerie, Martine, Emily, & Miss Carol just as much as them; but those three just have a spark within them that shines through the whole space that they're in. You can feel it, it's there(And you miss the energy that's gone whenever they cannot be there.); and Kay is the leader of the pack, the one that at least I believe brings it out of the other two so much more when they're all together.

I heard it in a film one time, that when it's just one by itself, it's not as strong as when all three come together. That's how I'd describe it. Kaylyn's aura is always bright, but it's just a little bit more brighter when Jon & Harrison are around.

And you know why that is? Because without Jon and Harrison, Kaylyn wouldn't be Kaylyn. Which is another neat part of her that I love. You rarely hear a teenage girl talk about all the random times she's had with her younger brothers; let alone how awesome those moments were. It's such a brilliant, endearing quality about her. Whenever I see all of them together, it kind of makes me want to write a short story about 'The Three V's' .

I feel like it's been a long time coming to have Kaylyn in my life. She's one of four girls in my life that I feel to have a true connection with. Not so much as having a lot in common with, but just that connection that's so strong and you feel like this person's been coming closer and closer to you your whole life, and finally they're here.

Kaylyn, I am SO thankful and grateful to have you in my life. You're an amazing friend that I still cannot comprehend is in my life. I appreciate and value your friendship, opinions and personality so much; thank you for being the caring, compassionate, considerate, loving, sweet, interesting and endearing person that you are. And thank you so much for letting me in and being a brilliant through and through friend. I thank God every day to have a friend like you, for it has been far to long not to have all the amazing friends that I have now, you being at the front of them all living in my Naples life. I do not hope for, but know that we will be close friends until we are old & gray; and that assurance is such a blessing because I haven't had it in my life, ever. I love you Miss Kay, and wish & pray for you to have the best in life, wherever it may take you throughout the years. <3

- L

Monday, March 30, 2009

'The Eleven'

Hopefully within the next hour or two I will be able to post the first blog in a series of eleven about my best friends. I've been working extremely hard on them (still have a long ways to go on over half, sheesh..), but I think that I will finally have one finished tonight and am SO anxious to start posting them.

This is just a fair warning though; if any of the posts sound stalkerish, it's completely not on purpose. I found whilst writing these that it isn't easy to be passionate about your friends and who they are without a hint of obsession coming out, haha.

Anyway..I look forward to the few people that read this to read these, cause I've been working for what seems like forever on them. :]

- L


I was just venting a few minutes ago..stuff that had been stored inside myself for the longest time and really needed to be let out.

Unfortunately, it came out in a time where it really wasn't necessary and I really can't tell you why, because I don't even know. It was and still somewhat is an issue I have with my (hopefully) friends and am doing my best to cope with it whenever a situation arises.

I'm currently, as of this minute, working on my string of blogs about my ten best friends. Anymore it's about working on the finishing touches, making sure everything sounds okay and is worded correctly, etc.

(Kaylyn, I am working on them, don't worry!)

Back to my point though - I just wanted to apologize if I hurt any one's feelings in the near future. It's not directed toward anyone in particular; just sort of a statement I needed to get out in the open after a long time.

Anyway..hopefully one or two friend blogs will be up within the day....I think I am getting close, haha.

- L

unkowing melancholy

Often in my life, I find myself wondering what my friends think of me. I've been told that this isn't a good thing to dwell on, because you shouldn't care what others think of you; and most normal people don't worry if their 'friends' think of you as a friend as well.

Because I've been home schooled since I was ten, having church as the only place to meet people and hang out with anyone my own age, might be part of that. So often I hear the people I'm around talking about their friends, or they're texting someone else that isn't there or tell stories that happened over the past weekend's adventure; and I don't have any sort of clue as to why that hurts my feelings.

I understand that 90% of the teenage population's outlet for friends comes from school and extracurricular activities, not church, so it's hard for most people to understand; but that doesn't make it any easier to pretty much know that you aren't per say on their 'top friends list'.

It would probably take me two hours to think of all the times I've been in a room with people I consider to be my friends and hear them talk about all the great times they've had with others. To know that you've never heard any of these friends talk about you in that memorable way or say 'do you remember that one time?'. So many of you take those minuscule things for granted or don't think much of it; and as I said, I don't know why, but it kind of hurts my feelings.

Sometimes I'd just like to scream out at certain ones that never stop talking about times they've had with others. I know that's terribly rude and mean, but it's just how I've felt every now and again throughout my life; even when I wasn't home schooled, now that I think about it.

I know that the few people that read this probably won't understand this or might even think it's an extremely inconsiderate thing to say, but that's life. Lately I've had to hear all sorts of things I don't want to, but shit happens and there's nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

- L

Friday, March 27, 2009

the time is upon us to enjoy every moment

Right now, as of this moment in time, I am working on two new blogs; that I am hoping to finish and publish by sunday or monday.

But I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love all my friends here in Naples. I love all ten of my best friends, but the eight here in Florida have been stuck in my mind 24/7 lately.

I've mentioned it before and will never stop telling people how amazing my companions here are.

That's all I'm going to say, cause otherwise I'll get much more emotional than planned for a simple little note like this (And I'll save all that lovely stuff for the blogs I'm working on right now. <3).>
Just wanted to share these couple photos with the unknown that read this. Because most of the time, photos like these are what give me the inspiration to take photos more often, and talk about these people even more.

- L
EDIT: click on the photos above for larger & better versions of them. :]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

do the right thing

Right now I'm at work, on my lunch break; and cannot wait until the day is over. The only reason I have made it thus far is because I constantly have up-beat music blaring from my noise-cancelling headphones.

Reasons I Still Work At G.U.S.A. :

1.) It gives me two days a week that I'm not stuck at home being even more annoyed & bored. (If that's possible..?)

2.) Keeping the job gives me somewhat of an income while I look for another place to work. I feel it would be completely irresponsible and stupid of me to just quit and have no job or income while i send out applications.

3.) Every once and a while I get to go somewhere fun here on the east coast, and that kind of makes everything worth while too, I guess. (Horrible grammar, sorry.)

I don't know, I love the east coast probably as much as the west, and don't know how often I will come over here once I discontinue working here; which is kind of unnerving. I like my job 75% of the time, it just seems to have gotten more boring and dull as time went on. Maybe if there were more than 2-4 people in the office, so there'd be more going on, I would stay longer. (You know, more exitement.) But, ugh, I don't know, I'm just ready for a change.

AND I cannot work here over the summer. There is no way that I will take two FULL days out of every week this summer when I could be doing other activities. And I have too much planned already, so I know that I'll be missing 3-4 weeks, and it's only march.

We'll just see, I'm hoping to have a second job by the middle of april and to have quit this job by the end of may. The middle of june at the latest. Well I have a trip early/mid june, so I have to stop before then, haha.

Anywho, I'm going overtime on my break, I'm glad I atleast got to let some of this out and get a blog entry in. I have like 2ish drafts of blog posts, just wrapping them up; so hopefully I can post those throughout the end of the week and the weekend. :]

- L

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i haven't been sleepin' so wellllll

[title an excerpt from vega under fire's 'fabricated air'//myspace.com/vegaunderfire]

Today I got nine hours of sleep. That's the first time it's happened in at least a month, and boy did it feel good; despite waking up to see it was one o'clock in the afternoon.

I wish I could say that I live by the phrase 'Who needs sleep? You can sleep when you're dead.', cause unfortunately I can't. I know though, that a good portion of my friends can, and I wish I knew the secret to surviving through every day with only 4-6 hours of sleep. Whenever I get that amount, I tend to have headaches throughout the day and am an extreme bitch for the first couple hours I'm out of bed.

Maybe it's from being home schooled pretty much my whole life. The days I don't have to work, go to church or get up before nine or ten, I've always gotten a decent amount of sleep; and it seems that whenever I don't, I cannot handle it as well as my peers can.

This train of thought has been in my mind for at least two weeks now; and I'd like to throw it out into the void. Because voids don't talk back to tell you the many situations or activities in your life that you could change to help getting more sleep accomplish-able. Which I'm extremely tired of hearing. I know the things I should do to stop it, it's just going to take time.

- L

Saturday, March 14, 2009

goodness gracious, you're so vivacious!

I love films/movies so much...but every now and then I realize that I just pretty much love music to death. Good Lord, I do.

I esspecially love finding new, unique music.

So I just want to take the opportunity to let the few people that read this check out these awesome artists I've fallen in love with as of the last couple months. It doesn't hurt though, that some of my friends are in these bands, haha.

Some are FAMOUS, some not so much:

http://www.myspace.com/linden -- 'in and out', 'over and over' & 'redefine'

http://www.myspace.com/familyforce5 -- 'supersonic' & 'wake the dead'.

http://www.myspace.com/stephenjerzak -- 'white horse(cover)' & 'time bomb baby'

http://www.myspace.com/taylorswift -- 'white horse', 'should've said no' & 'fifteen'

http://www.myspace.com/vegaunderfire -- 'fabricated air' & 'cue the fight song'

Please go and check out those awesome artists of our generation, they're so worth the ten minutes it takes to listen to two songs, I promise.

More photos from the LGIF coming this weekend (hopefully) & I have a couple good blog topics coming up. :]

Much Love,
- L

Monday, March 9, 2009

a vega of interfacing under fire (description)

(I had to do a separate post, don't know why but it wouldn't let me post paragraphs with pictures. weird.)

Just a little preview of the blog to come about the Indie Music Festival over the weekend. So many amazing memories were made these past two days, and so much good new music that has filled my brain, it's going to be almost impossible to describe.

What you see below are some photos of 'interface', a band that played both days & the only reason I wanted to come sunday, haha. You can check out their music at myspace.com/interfacefl, but the recorded versions are no comparison to what you hear & see live. So if you're in southwest florida sometime, you've got to check 'em out!

More blogging & photos to come as the week goes by, I promise!

- L

a vega of interfacing under fire

Thursday, March 5, 2009

awaiting a festival

Oh blah, I know I need to blog, and I want to blog...but I just can't. I have too many subjects I'd like to discuss and way too many ideas & questions to send out into the void; but because of the many possibilities that could flow from my mind into the keyboard and through your eyes, I am stuck as to what I should place here first. And it is driving me insane!!

So, at least i have posted something to explain my lack of blogging/laziness. I hope all is forgiven. :[

- L