Thursday, January 29, 2009

good love was on the way

In my eighteen years, I have never had that 'best friend'. I've come close to it, but never had that one person who knew you best and you knew them better than anyone.

The middle school years were rough not having that BFF. Everyone, girl or guy, had one and it drove me crazy. I hated hearing my friends talk about the things they did with their best friends or how much they adored going over to their BFF's house. To me it was not only frustrating not having one, but made me feel inferior when they would say those sort of things in front of me. (I had not yet heard that beautiful and true Eleanor Roosevelt quote.)

My Mom would tell me that it didn't matter if I had a 'best' friend, just a few close ones. Not everyone in life would have one, and she didn't have one until midway through High School. I believed her, truly, and did my best to forget about my nonexistent BFF.

But the years went by, I gained and lost friends every year through the constant moving. (It'll always be true of "Out of sight, out of mind."). Some friends still kept in touch, but it wasn't the same, they weren't phisically there. I couldn't have the stories all my other friends did; going to the mall, park, movies, ice cream, ETC. I longed for at least a true, actually there, best friend.

And then came last summer, when I got to really know an amazingly beautiful, honest, sweet & caring girl (or I should probably say, woman) named April. She was (and is) 9 years older than myself, but somehow we seemed to hit it off quite well. We'd known each other for over a year, but on a trip to Atlanta in August, we bonded over 'Twilight'. Ah yes, the inevitable 'Twilight'.

But that wasn't all, on the course of that long weekend she became my companion; someone I could always turn to for good conversation or just a genuine smile. It was odd, I never thought that one of my most close and 'best' friends would be almost ten years older than myself & married.

Honestly though, it didn't feel odd. It was an odd situation, but it didn't feel that way; I had finally found that 'best friend'.

THEN, I move down here and all of a sudden, I have 7 more best friends. The reason I believe they're 'best' kinds of friends is because of how genuine they are around me, that kind of feeling that you know they consider you a friend as much as you do them. It's been at least ten years since I've had that feeling, truly. I've had good friends in the recent past, but definately not this good of friends.

It's kind of another odd feeling, being able to know these kinds of people. That truly care about you and what you have to say. The lovely kind of friends who actually get back to you when you call them or write on their wall on FB. And also the kind that are so dang interesting themselves that there's a bazillion questions that you have to ask them, but never seem to have enough time to. These are the friends I've been waiting for, the kind that I know I'll be friends with my whole life.

Have a happy Friday! TGIF!

- L