Thursday, January 29, 2009

bold as love

"I've just found some way or another to synthesize love or synthesize soothing. But you can't get that, and what I'm saying is, I've messed with all the other approaches except for one and it's going to sound really corny, but that's just love. That's just love. I've done everything in my life that I wanna do except just give and feel love for my living.

And I don't mean like, uh, 'roman candle, firework, Hollywood hot pink love'. I mean 'I got your back!' love.

I don't need to hear I love you. You guys love me, I love you, we got that down.

But some of the people who will tell you that they love you are the same people who are the last to just have your back.

So I'm going to experiment with this love thing. Giving love, feeling love. I know it sounds really corny but it's the last thing I got to check out before I check out."
- John Mayer

(stupid blogger won't let me embed it into the post, so I have to put a link up instead.)

- L


Kaylyn said...

Just to throw this out there--
I love how a lot of your blogs have John Mayer titles.

I adore John Mayer. :)