Saturday, June 27, 2009

death by celebrity week

"You have to show them that you're really not scared
You're playin' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare
They'll kick you, then they beat you
Then they'll tell you it's fair
So beat it, but you wanna be bad

Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it
No one wants to be defeated
Showin' how funky and strong is your fight
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right"
- MJ

This piece is all that I will post about the passing of Michael Jackson.

Also, to say that I thoroughly have enjoyed listening to his music the past 24 hours on constant music video marathons - quite interesting and entertaining. I was surprised to have liked a lot of the songs he did after the 'Thriller' album and all the plastic surgery. He was and is a legend and I truly believe there will never be anyone like him; much so in retrospect of Elvis and The Beatles.

But don't let Jackson's death overshadow those of two other big names in the entertainment industry. Ed McMan and Farrah Fawcett passed this past week along with the King of Pop, and we need to remember them as well.

Yes, they are not AS huge as Jackson, but still, they were human beings that deserve to be honored and mourned as well.

So I'm going to go ahead and say it - Quit freaking out people! - for goodness sakes, he's in a better place! Trust me, I'm afraid to die sometimes and for the people I care about most to die, but as much as that scares me, it also brings me joy to know that we'll move on to a much more enjoyable and free-ing life with God and His Son.


Unfortunately I don't know for sure where a lot of the people I look up to in the Film industry, Music industry and Art/Photography industries will go when they die. That's one of the unfortunate part about celebrities, most of us rarely get to meet them, to know them; to really see what kind of a person they are and how genuine they truly can be.

I don't worry my head over it every day, but sometimes I get in a state of wonderment about what all these famous people really are like and if the faith they probably had when they were younger will really come through for them in the end. I don't believe that you need to be an amazingly fanatic Christian person and be that way your whole life, but so many of these people in the Entertainment industry haven't been either or.

I actually think to myself sometimes, I wonder if when they get to the pearly gates, will they start an argument with God about all the issues we have with each other in present day?

- Abortion
- Gay Rights
- Sex Before Marriage
- Marriage In General
- Drugs & Alcohol

You know? I have a feeling some might! And in a way, that's hysterically funny, but on the other hand, it's an odd kind of defiance and just...wrong.

So, maybe instead of being upset over these people's deaths, take some time to think over how you can not only pray but in any little way possible help these kinds of people get stronger faith. Yeah, there's slim to none chances of you ever meeting the people you look up to or who entertain you with their talents, but still, every little bit helps. Every single person has a way of helping others understand God and his mission & purpose more.

- L


Kaylyn said...

I think Michael Jackson's death was so shocking because it was so sudden and unexpected. We all knew Farrah Fawcett was really sick with cancer, so even though it's horribly sad that she passed away, we all knew it was coming. I hadn't heard about Ed McMahon. But I've seen just as many tributes to Farrah as Michael in the last two days (if not more).

That's an interesting image--celebrities arguing with God. I think there are plenty of people that would jump at that oppurtunity, but God already knows that, haha. I love that He loves them anyway. :) But honestly I think His love is bigger than that, so I don't know how much effect these issues of the world really have.

Lauren S. said...

yeah, i see where you're coming from. and i agree with what you're saying as well. i'm just trying to point out that other people who were important to other..people (lol) died as well. i just think that it's unfair how alot of the media isn't really showing farrah's or ed's life work as much as they are michaels. not to say it isn't deserved, it is, totally, 100%; but i think some of it is a bit ridiculous.

michael jackson, throughout his time in the public eye, has been a very private person. there's a reason we all didn't know that he was sick; cause he didn't really want everyone to know, or he would have put out a statement. like farrah fawcett has, saying she was ill with cancer. i'm not saying i KNOW that for a fact, but i think it's a pretty good assumption. (haha)

i don't know really. it was all more so a hidden rant to the media to lay off every thing they continue to put out there and show. i mean, i was really sad when heath ledger died last year, but you didn't see all his movies being played 24/7 right the moment that he passed.

but then again, everyone is different and has an influence on people and culture in different ways. so, yet again it isn't a bad or odd thing to play his music videos non-stop.


(love it that you're blogging again. <3)
- L